8 Reasons To Start Strength Training


A good cardiovascular routine and eating plan can already help you lose some weight. After a while, however, you might find yourself stuck and not losing any more pounds. The solution is to supplement your cardiovascular workouts with strength training.

Here are the top reasons to consider strength training:

Benefits Of Strength Training

1. Increases metabolism

When you lift weights, you start to build lean muscle mass and eliminate fat. At the same time, this effectively increases your metabolic rate so that even while you’re resting and your muscles are still recovering, your body continues burning some calories.

2. Lifts disposition

Exercise, in general, encourages the body to release more endorphins. This hormone is responsible for controlling our moods and making us feel more cheerful. Aside from that, according to some studies, strength training may also combat depressive tendencies.

3. Aids in fortifying bones

Strength training not only builds your muscles and increases your muscle strength, it also makes your bones more dense. Cardio exercises combined with weight training will strengthen your bones. In addition to that, you’ll have a lower tendency for developing osteoporosis.

4. Supports cardiovascular training for stronger heart health

Together with cardio workouts, strength training will improve your heart health and this will lessen your risk for heart disease. Even if you already have cardiovascular issues, light to moderate training can also help since it contributes to the regulation of your blood pressure.

5. Protects from injury

As mentioned previously, strength training makes both muscles and bones sturdier. When your bones are stronger, they will be less prone to injury. Accidents and occasional bumps and falls will not easily damage your bones or muscles.

6. Energises the body for daily activities

Healthy muscles make it easier and less strenuous to perform daily activities. Your muscles and bones also develop more flexibility and mobility. Activities you do regularly, like carrying the groceries or moving heavy items, won’t strain your body as much and you’ll still have energy for other chores.

7. Enhances quality of sleep

Getting some exercise releases any tension in our bodies and helps us relax better afterwards. It also increases our body’s need for recovery, therefore, inducing us to sleep more. It will be easier to transition into rest and sleep and stay asleep for longer periods.

8. Minimises your risk for diabetes

When your blood sugar levels are high and your heart health is also suffering, your risk for developing diabetes increases. With strength training, your weight is controlled and both your blood pressure and your sugar levels are regulated.