6 Benefits of Exercising With Kettlebells

Is there any training equipment that can help you perform multiple exercises at the same time? Well it depends…. If you have a bike you can ride it. Punching bag? You can punch it, and that’s all about it! Almost all training equipment is designed to help you do one or just a handful of activities… The kettlebell however, is different!

If you are looking for a single piece of equipment that will help you burn fat, enhance your stamina, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular system, kettlebells will be your best bet. Whatever your objectives are, endurance, strength, muscle toning or weight loss, a simple kettlebell might be all you require! Here are 6 benefits of exercising with kettlebells:

Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

1. Great source of cardio

Cardio Fit

If you fancy HIIT (high intensity interval training) and all the benefits that come with it, a simple metal ball with a handle on it is certainly for you. Crazy! You can perform HIIT with your kettlebells! This type of training will boost your cardiovascular fitness but also help you achieve muscle shape and tone.

2. Great for body posture

If you have problems with your lower back or body posture in general because of weak muscles, try kettlebells. Probably 90 percent of the normal kettlebell exercises will strengthen your back muscles running down beside your spine, the lower back, obliques and abs. After around 30 days of the training, you’ll likely feel the results. Similarly, the exercises will help you flatten your tummy and enhance your body balance significantly as kettlebell training teaches you control whilst lifting.

3. Ideal for busy people

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Any busy person wants the best out of anything he or she spends time on… The same applies to fitness training. Kettlebells can be a great option for squeezing strength training, as well as cardio, in a very busy schedule. Because it is intensive, the training is usually short. What’s more, the bells are portable and small which means training can even take place in your living room or bedroom.

4. It works!

Kettlebells are functional! If you are like most fitness enthusiasts with home gym equipment, you have quite a few pieces of fitness equipment around the home collecting dust. Almost everything you invested in but did not get results… But KBs work! In fact the quick results are a great motivator!

5. Strengthens all your muscles from the head-to-toe

The Muscular Fit

It is a fact that KB training entails multiple exercises. It is also a fact that compound and whole body movement exercises, typical of KB exercises, are fantastic for enhancing muscle tone and body strength. Also, kettlebell training strengthens ligaments and tendons making your joints tougher and unsusceptible to injury.

6. Enhances Range Of Motion


Everyone wants to move easily and painlessly right? But that is not the case for many people… If you are feeling like you are getting older and things are stiffening up almost daily, try kettlebells! KBs can help you keep your body flexible and moving in all directions freely so as to reduce pain and risk of injuries significantly. Body moves performed with the bells such as snatches, cleans and swings are great for flexibility and joint health.

Bottom Line

With dozens of invaluable benefits, it is impossible to think of a reason not to add kettle bells to your training. So whether you are a busy person or you are just looking for an exercise program that works, give kettlebells a try and you will be glad you did!