7 Science-Backed Ways To lose Weight Without Dieting


Crash dieting is not the only solution to lose weight quickly. They are a lot of healthy alternatives and strategies to getting your goal weight without sacrificing your health.

You do not have to do all the strategies listed below all at once. Pick one that is the most comfortable to do and increase as you get used to it.

Remember that it is about sticking to the better choice and changing your lifestyle for good.

Eat 2 Snacks and 3 Solid Meals per Day

If you are a type of person who always skips breakfast and you overeat at dinner or lunch, you will feel the difference when you switch to 3 solid meals and 2 snacks daily. Do not just eat snacks whenever you want to. Time it so that you’d have something to eat in between your solid meals. Do not reach out for anything after dinner so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

You will see that a lot of diet programs asks you to eat multiple meals a day and in small quantities. It is not just about being strategic but it is also about helping you choose right foods when you need to grab a bite.

Drink a lot of Water

Getting dehydrated is a problem that many of us encounter but don’t know we are.

Drinking a lot of water significantly increases weight loss because it can stop hunger. Many times people think that they are hungry when in fact they are just thirsty. Keep water nearby every time you feel like your body is craving for sweets or salty foods.

Use a Fitness Tracker

You need to look at yourself and check how much you really move daily. Fitness trackers can help you do just that. Nowadays, these watches can record your steps, stairs and even your sleeping pattern. It can be presented as a graph or charts that will be easy to understand to anyone. You also get gratifications when you are able to defeat your best performance.

Eat Superfoods

Incorporate superfoods to your daily meal. They are the ones that give your body what it needs such as mineral, vitamins and nutrients while keeping the calories and fat at bay. It enables your body to feel light and energised.

Aside from losing weight, these foods will help you have a happy and healthy life. A good trick is to fill your plate with these superfoods so that the bad foods have no space.

Play a Sport

When you are thinking about a reason to get active and exercise, playing sports is a way to go because it makes moving your body fun. If you opt for a team sport like basketball, you’ll find accountability in your actions and makes you want to improve.

Remove Sugar from your Diet

Cutting sugar out is tricky because it is prevalent in our society. These candies are all labelled fat free which is true in some ways but sugar is just making you fat and not good for your glucose levels. There is no need for you to completely cut it out but if you want to lose the weight, removing as much sugar as possible from your diet is the best way to go.

Walk 1 Hour Daily

Even if you just walk 1 hour daily without changing your lifestyle, you will eventually see your weight improve. No brisk walking required here. You can walk at an easy pace but make sure that you reach at least 1 hour. You can walk outdoors when it’s sunny outside or indoors on a treadmill when it’s rainy. You can listen to music and audiobooks to get going through the 1 hour.