How To Lose 100 Kilograms Simply

9 Tips On How To Lose 100 Kilograms

If you are eager to learn how to lose a large amount of weight quickly, then you are faced with one significant problem, just like so many people looking to lose weight all over the world….

With so many diet plans to choose, how on earth do you know which ones genuinely work?! Typically, diets tend to offer almost the same features, some may have worked for other people, and some do not. Some are just downright myths!

But which one is the right for you?

Fundamentally, a good diet should be the kind of plan where you can maintain it and keep it up for a long time.

The longer you stick to your plan, the more chances of having good results. Below is a guide to losing a large amount of weight, as quickly as possible, but in a sustainable way.

9 Tips On How To Lose 100 Kilograms

1. Change your eating habits

junk food increases weight

Instead of going out for fast food and to restaurants frequently, why not try only going out once a week and buying healthy groceries for the rest of the week? And when you go out for dinner, why not order something you know will contain fewer calories. You don’t need to starve yourself… how about trying grilled fish or a salad instead of that pasta or schnitzel. Lots of sensible food choices over time is the way to go!

2. Start strong, start with breakfast

Whether you skip breakfast because you are not hungry or whether you overindulge with breakfast, changing your routine to eating a low cal healthy breakfast will not only help you lose weight but also give you the energy to start the day. Start your day right!

3. Small bouts of exercise, often

sleep is great for weight loss

Fitting in some exercise when you are doing nothing is helpful to burn some calories on the side. How about this… During commercial breaks of your TV programs, why not get off your butt and do as many push-ups or bicycles that you can do in one ad break. Or, invest in a piece of home exercise equipment and exercise while watching TV. Every bit helps!

4. Declare war on your pantry

Health eating for losing body fat

If you are wanting to start eating right and have no idea where to start, aim your pantry. Throw out all the junk and fatty foods that will tempt you if you end up leaving them there.

5. Eat like a cow

Eating three big meals is not a good idea. Eating five or six small meals is a better option as it helps to keep a regular flow of energy and keeps excessive hunger feelings away. Eating this way also helps to maintain blood sugar levels within limits.

6. Have fruits between main meals so that you are filled with fibre

Having fruit 10 – 15 minutes before meals is always beneficial as it delays the absorption time and keeps you full for a longer time. Eating more fruits or vegetables is always beneficial as it reduces caloric intake (when consumed over unhealthy snacks).

7. Eat veges

calorie surplus

Gradually start incorporating a high percentage of vegetarian meals in your diet. One of the great things about a diet incorporating a high portion of vegetables is that it provides you with a great number of vitamins and minerals, without high calories.

8. Exercise in the morning

It is good to jump-start the metabolism level first thing in the morning so that it helps burn excess fat more efficiently throughout the day. Exercising in the morning also gives you fresh energy to face any challenge that you might have in your daily activities.

9. Keep a journal

The last tip is to keep a journal of your progress. It’s important to know where you’ve been to get to where you’re going. In your journal, you need to keep track of your eating and your exercising. Write down the foods you have eaten throughout the day along with how many calories each food has. This helps you to visualize your calorie intake and get an understanding over time of which foods blow your calorie intake out.

Those are the nine tips to lose weight successfully. As you can see, they are relatively easy to follow and do not require you to spend a lot of money to do them!