Justin Parise of EFM Mawson Lakes for Completes 2500th Workout!

Congratulations to Justin Parise of EFM Mawson Lakes for completing his 2500th EFM session on Friday, October 31st. Justin started at EFM Mawson Lakes approximately 9 years ago as someone who had retired from competitive sport and was looking to replace both the physical and social void left from no longer playing soccer. Here are… Read more

Kim Knowles – Lost 35kg*

*Individual results may vary. Kim Knowles has stormed ahead to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Kim has lost a total of 35kgs along her weight loss journey and is capable of fitness feats that were once upon a time well beyond her. City to Bay, duathlons, fun runs, and who knows what else is on… Read more

Tony Diener – Lost 13kgs*

*Individual results may vary. Tony lost 13 kgs and 29.5 cms in less than one month by following the EFM LEANing Challenge! *Results may vary. The testimonial and success story above is from a real EFM member, in their own words. Of course, your results may vary due to individual circumstances and we cannot guarantee identical results.