Spring Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips

Time for a Spring Clean?

Jump up & down if you love spring weather! That wasn’t just a thinly veiled attempt to get you to move. As a health and lifestyle coach I love this time of the year because as the weather starts to warm, energy levels rise and we naturally want to move more.

Traditionally this is also the time of year for a bit of spring-cleaning. This year, I propose you take that sentiment beyond your house to all areas of your life.

Your House:

  • Spring is time to air & clean your bedding to reduce allergens, but also to change to lighter weight bedding. Overheating when sleeping will significantly reduce your quality of sleep, which can lead to sugar cravings, weight gain and grumpiness!
  • If winter has lulled you into the habit of TV, couch and munchies, now is the time for a kitchen purge – throw away those salty and sugary nibbles in favour of extra fruit, veggies and unsalted nuts. And try to shake off the habit of eating in front of the TV – unconscious eating is a deadly trap for extra calorie intake!

Your Health:

  • Now is a good time to visit your GP for your regular checks of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol (amongst others). All of these health factors can be improved through changes to lifestyle, so knowing what your numbers are can be a huge motivator for making some improvements!

Your Diet:

  • As the season changes, a new range of fruits and vegetables are coming into season, which is the optimal time to include some variation in your diet.  It’s also a good time to assess if you are achieving the dietary basics.
  • Water intake is vital – as always – to keep you hydrated and allow your body to function optimally.

Your exercise:

  • Spring is a great time to set a new goal for your training, whether to start an exercise program, to compete in a fun run or complete in a marathon.  You will find your exercise much more enjoyable and easier to maintain if you have a clearly defined goal in mind…
  • If you’re a regular exerciser, why not add a new twist to your regular training; a new class, a different walking route or even a new training buddy can shake you out of a training rut and keep exercising fun!

About the author:

Sharni Wilson-Smith is an EFM Franchisee and Fitness Coach at EFM Westlakes. She is a Sports Scientist, having completed a Bachelor Applied Science (Exercise Science). She is also a Diabetes educator and passionate about helping clients achieve better health.


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