“10 to 2”: EFM Health Clubs Home or Travel Workout


Below is a great 50-60 minute workout for when you can’t make your EFM Club and the great thing about the structure of the program is that it allows flexibility – be creative!

8 points to consider when planning this workout:

1. Warm up – remember to focus on the muscle groups you will be using in the session

2. This program can be performed with or without the availability of a gym

3. You may need to adjust distances, levels and quantity depending on your gym layout and available machines

4. Make sure weights are balanced, safe, that you’re using correct technique and appropriate resistance

5. Adjust times to suit your total available workout time.

6. Work through, in order, from top to bottom

7. If no cardiovascular machines are available, run or walk to replace the exercises given – e.g. for 10 minutes, walk out 5 mins and back again.

8. If no weights are available to you, substitute exercise for a body weight exercise of your choice

Session Format:

10 mins cardio machine followed by 1 minute of the following 3 ABS exercises:

1. Prone brace / ab hold for up to 1 minute

2. Knox crunch (lay on your back, place one leg out straight and just off the ground + other leg bent at 45 degree angle with the foot on the ground, crunch steadily forward)

3. Floor crunch (normal ab situp)

8 minutes on a cardio machine followed by 1 minute of the following 4 UPPER BODY exercises:

1. Pushups on toes

2. Dips on bench

3. Superman’s

4. Dips on floor

6 minutes on a cardio machine followed by 45 seconds of the following 4 LEGS exercises:

1. Squats with DBs if available

2. Leg raises

3. Calf raises (on a step or bench)

4. Lunges with DBs if available

4 minutes on a cardio machine followed by 45 seconds of the following 4 BICEP exercises:

1. BB or DB bicep curls (double arm)

2. DB alternating bicep curls

3. DB concentration curls

4. BB reverse curls

2 minutes on a cardio machine

Cool down and stretch

Job done!

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