8 Workout Myths That Have Been Debunked


We’re often led to think that when many people give the same advice, it must be true. However, not all advice on fitness and exercise from just about anyone can be automatically relied on as correct. Here are some facts on the following workout myths:

1. Soreness in your muscles is the result of an effective workout

You might feel sore at times after a strenuous workout. But it’s also possible to have a good exercise session and not feel sore the next day. The recovery time for your muscles depends on some factors like keeping your body hydrated and allowing sufficient time for rest.

2. Perspiring a lot also indicates an excellent workout

The perspiration your body generates is the product of your own temperature and the temperature and humidity in your environment. The amount of sweat is not always an indicator of your effort, but it could also be due to your surroundings.

3. Strength training turns you bulky

Muscles and bulk are created by testosterone in the body and a LOT of lifting. This means that though women can add some muscle to their bodies, it won’t be as much as men’s because, in general, the female body does not have enough testosterone.

4. You should workout daily

Though you do need to work out most days of the week, it doesn’t need to be as often as everyday. This is because your muscles also need time to recover from the strain and repair themselves in order to become stronger. Plus, you’ve got a life to live!

5. Stretching is a must before exercising

Though warm-ups are necessary before working out, simple stretches, which keep the rest of your body still, may not be the best choice. Select a warm-up routine that allows you to stretch and move around at the same time. This will encourage more flexibility in your muscles.

6. It’s possible to trim fat from specific areas of the body

The truth is you cannot lose fat by exercising only particular body parts. When weight loss happens, it’s throughout the entire body, not just on one or two areas.

7. The best exercise for abdominal muscles are crunches

Crunches are one of the most popular for abs muscle work but they’re not the only exercise nor the most effective. You can also do planks. Aside from that, the top workout for abdominals are actually those done while in a standing position.

8. The top weight loss method is plenty of cardio exercises

There’s no doubt cardio workouts are effective for losing weight. However, the best way is still to combine exercise with a proper diet. The effectiveness of cardio exercises can also be increased by doing strength training.