How to Get Rid of Man Boobs (Top Exercises & Weight Loss Tips)


“Man boobs”, or excess fat and tissue around the chest of men to some, can seem unsightly and for this reason many men are looking for tips on how to get rid of man boobs!

There are quite a few options for reducing the size and visibility of man boobs, surgery being one drastic approach.

Of course, choosing to alter your body surgically isn’t always the first thing that you can do to fix this so let’s have a look at the options.

First, let’s look at two common causes of man boobs:

Causes Of Man Boobs

Clinical Gynecomastia

A hormonal disproportion may result to this medical condition. If you have elevated estrogen levels and low testosterone, you may be prone to this problem.

Excess Fat

Extra stored fat in your chest can be the cause of man boobs. You can solve this problem by doing a muscle toning exercises, losing body fat and improving your lifestyle overall.

Weight loss can be achieved by focusing on a good combination of cardio and weights (we’ll explain this below). It can accelerate fat loss and burn calories, ignite your metabolism and help you to lose those pesky an boobs!

Exercises For Man Boobs

Build Chest Muscles

Chest muscles are important to have especially if you want to burn fat and speed your metabolism. You can do exercises using your body weight such as push up or use weights and do pec flies.

Pec Flies

First, keep in mind that you cannot “spot workout” and think that you will lose fat in your targeted areas. Doing a lot of this workout can give you great chest muscles but the fat that is located in that area will likely not be affected… With any kind of weight reduction on problem areas, you need a holistic approach.


Push-ups can definitely help you with building your chest muscles and toning the area. You can do them at home, without weights and variations are available to you. Abdominal and back muscles are also targeted which gives you an overall slim look.

Neutral Grip Row

Grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s go! Lie on your chest at an inclined bench. Let your arms be on your side and palms face each other. Put the dumbbells on your chest side, squeeze the shoulder blends and allow your elbows to bend.

Perform Presses

Grab some weight and do some presses from your chest to help build the chest muscles. You can also do bench presses for variety. Try variations of presses to challenge the muscles for about 4 weeks. You can do decline or incline presses, squeeze presses and close grip bench presses.

Hit The Cardio

Combine cardio, healthy diet and weight training can help you lose body fat. If you exercise upwards of 4 times per week, it will help speed the process. Aim for workouts of at least 30 minutes in duration where you can and the closer to 60 minutes you can do, the better. You can break up your exercise to different time segments if you cannot do it continuously at the beginning.

Do activities that you enjoy such as running, jogging, rowing, walking or swimming. It’s a little trial and error. You can use machines available in the gym like rowing, stair trainer, elliptical and treadmill. Spending time with your kids outdoor and chasing them can also help you burn calories!

Change your Lifestyle

Even if you add weight lifting and cardio exercises to your day, it will not get rid of fat loss on the long run if you do not stay active. You can do this simply by opting to walk and take the stairs whenever possible and of course, getting involved with your local gym or personal trainer is only going to help you maintain that healthy body you’ve been craving.