How To Lose Weight From Your Legs (7 Actionable Tips)

It is common knowledge these days that you can’t spot reduce fat (lose weight in a certain area of your body). However there are certain ways you can tip the odds in your favour for the weight to be lost on your legs:

1) Do exercises that target the legs:

Doing exercises that focus on the legs will help build muscle and tone the area there in order to improve their overall appearance.

2) Focus on compound exercises:

By doing exercises that target multiple muscle groups you gain the most muscle mass possible, which will increase your basal metabolic rate to help you lose weight faster.

3) Use Saunas:

By exposing yourself to excessive heat that can make you sweat, you increase the rate at which your body burns calories which can help you lose weight faster.

4) Use cold showers directed at your legs:

Whilst this sounds contradictory to the previous point, using cold directed at a certain body part can convert the body’s fat from white to more brown fat which is healthier and tends to look better as well.

5) Get plenty of sleep:

Improving your sleep quality enables you to lose weight quicker. You actually lose the majority of your fat during sleep, so it is vital to make sure that you get enough. Beyond that, ensuring you are adequately rested means you have enough energy the following day for a great workout!

6) Add sprints to your cardio routine:

Short sprints have been proven to induce a big release of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone: both of which would accelerate fat loss. gradual fat loss over time can help improve the shape and tone of the legs.

7) Adopt a fasting routine:

Fasting has been proven to help lose fat and when done before exercise. It can help produce an even bigger response of human growth hormone, and is a great way to shed fat, which in turn helps to bring out that lean muscle mass that gives shape and tone!


Whilst losing bodyfat in a particular body part is difficult, you can be well on your way to losing fat in your legs if you adopt some of these leg toning tips.