Postural Alignment

Why is correct posture so important?

Quite often poor posture or weakness in postural muscles is a large contributing factor to conditions such as neck, shoulder & back pain.

Improving posture is also one of the most important common goals of our EFM members.

 How can pilates movements improve posture?

Strengthening the main stabilising & postural muscles of the body’s joints is a key principle to pilates.

The sort of exercises we prescribe at EFM Health Clubs have a strong emphasis on using these muscles correctly by encouraging correct exercise technique with specific movements.

 Who can benefit from improving posture?

Poor posture is particularly prevalent in people who spend a lot of their day sitting at a desk or computer, such as student & office workers.

For people such as this, exercises to strengthen the muscles which control posture as very important as they spend the majority of their day in a position which does not promote good posture, such as slouching in front of a computer or laptop.

 If you think you could introduce some more posture aligning exercises into your routine, have a chat with your coach today!

Coach Janel

EFM Health Clubs Box Hill South