Health Benefits Of Apples (Why They’re Great For Adults & Kids!)


Apples are probably one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet.  They’re full of various nutrients, plus they’re easy to eat and delicious, so it’s no wonder people love them and they’ve stayed a popular snack.  Now, further research has shown the specific benefits of regularly eating apples.

7 Benefits of Apples 

1. Helps prevent diabetes

Researchers discovered that those who eat apples every week together with some other fruits had a decreased tendency to develop diabetes as opposed to those who didn’t eat them.  In another study, eating a single apple daily also contributed to a lesser risk for diabetes.  This could be because of the polyphenols found in apples, which help protect the cells responsible for creating and regulating insulin.

2. Reducing cholesterol levels

In one study, their results showed that women who consumed at least one apple per day decreased their cholesterol levels by a significant amount.  This is thanks in part to apple’s’ high fibre content.  There was also a study that looked at the results of eating apples as compared to consuming medications to decrease cholesterol and the results showed practically similar results in effectiveness.

3. Supports weight loss

Because apples are packed with fibre and water, they’re great for your digestion.  They make you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time without the excess calories.  The fibre also helps in facilitating the smooth digestion of your food.  Replacing your usual snacks with apples can then help you lose weight and this was proven in some studies where participants were asked to eat apples as part of their diet.

4. Aids in protecting the body against cancer

The connection between eating apples and a lesser risk for cancer has also been hypothesised in a number of studies.  According to one researcher, eating apples daily can fortify the body against breast cancer.  Apples contain plenty of antioxidants to neutralize free radical damage on cells in the body which eventually lead to cancer and other diseases.

5. Contributes to enhancing bone health

The vitamins and minerals in fruits are helpful for strengthening your bones by increasing your bone density.  Our bones will naturally lose calcium as we age but it seems that the nutrients in certain fruits, such as apples, are able to lessen or hinder the loss of calcium in the body, keeping your bones strong and sturdy.

6. Lowers tendency for stroke

Eating apples are excellent for your cardiovascular health.  One study’s results showed that eating fruits like pears and apples cuts down the tendency for stroke.  With the flavonoid found in apples, high blood pressure is lowered and regulated, aside from the cholesterol levels.  At the same time, when your blood pressure is controlled, your risk for stroke is minimized.

7. Assists in shielding the brain from disorders caused by aging

It’s not only bone density that is preserved with the nutrients from apples.  Brain cells and neurotransmitters in the brain are also protected from aging-related loss and deterioration.  This means lesser risk for conditions and diseases such as memory loss, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s.