Fitness Tips

How many Kilojoules in a Calorie?

Kilojoules, Calories, KJ, Cal, Cals… What’s the story? It’s so confusing! We’re not big on Calorie counting here at EFM, however having a basic understanding of how much energy is in the food we consume is important, especially when the energy content of food can be displayed in numerous ways. Kilojoules vs Calories: Both kilojoules and Calories… Read more

Running: Training Tips and Avoiding Injury

  Adelaide Physiotherapist, James McEwan shares some useful insights on how to minimise the risks of injuries in a running program. Now, we’re certainly not all going to run marathons, but Fun Runs certainly play a significant role in the annual fitness events calendar of EFM clubs across Australia. James’s tips are certainly timely for the… Read more

What is the Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

Everyone wants the secret exercise that can burn the most body fat in the fastest amount of time. Since there are so many different opinions about how to lose weight, below is a list of the 9 best forms of exercise to lose weight and maintain your enthusiasm. Some of them may surprise! By following… Read more

Selecting the Correct Weight for Resistance Training

  Resistance training (exercising with appropriate weights) should certainly be part of a balanced workout program. And when we talk about weight or resistance training, we’re not talking about trying to give you Arnie Arms! Our aim with resistance training is to help you improve strength and build lean muscle mass (which can help to give you shape and… Read more

Top Tips for Buying Training Shoes

  Buying running or training shoes can be a complicated and expensive venture. But can make the difference between having an enjoyable running experience and a bad one. It can also reduce your risk of injuries. Where do you go to get the advice needed to get the perfect running shoe? Here are some little pointers for… Read more