7 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea


Ginger is not just a flavorful spice for your dishes, it is also incredibly healthy. This aromatic and potent root can be used fresh, dried or in powder form. It can be added to dishes, mixed with smoothies or made into a soothing beverage like tea.

Here are the best reasons why you should be drinking more ginger tea.

Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

1. Regulates blood sugar levels

In one recent study, their results showed lower blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes who were given ginger powder daily for several days. This is because gingerol, the substance found in ginger, is a natural way to help treat existing diabetes as well as enhancing your health and preventing it from developing.

2. Relieves indigestion

Stomach discomfort with pain and bloating are symptoms of indigestion. This sometimes happens when the stomach is unable to properly and quickly absorb and process food. Research has proven, however, that ginger can facilitate smoother digestion by accelerating the movement of the food from the stomach to the intestine, thus preventing stomach pains and ailments.

3. Eases morning sickness and nausea

Aside from stomach discomfort, researchers also found out that ginger has the ability to ease different types of nausea, from motion sickness to the after effects of chemotherapy to pregnancy morning sickness. It especially helps reduce feelings of dizziness and calms any stomach upset.

4. Reduces inflammation such as in arthritis

Arthritis is a condition characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints. Through clinical studies, it was discovered that ginger is particularly useful not only in preventing the flare-up of inflammations, but also in reducing existing inflammation and treating pain. Patients with osteoarthritis who consume ginger will notice less swelling and stiffness as well.

5. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

In connection to inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease is also known to develop as a result of aging and inflammation. Gingerol can stop inflammation from occurring in the body including inside the brain, which helps keep Alzheimer’s at bay. It’s also able to improve the brain’s processes and functions such as memory.

6. Decreases cholesterol levels

Another important benefit of ginger is that it can decrease the level of bad cholesterol in the body. The higher the amount of bad cholesterol in your body, the greater is your risk of developing cardiovascular problems. This means regular consumption of ginger can contribute to protection against heart health problems and stroke.

7. Alleviates muscular aches and menstrual discomfort

For those who suffer from soreness of muscles after working out, ginger is an excellent natural remedy. With regular intake, it can fortify your muscles and protect them against stiffness, swelling and pain. Menstrual pain is also due to the contraction of muscles, but in the uterus. Ginger can help reduce inflammation and pain caused by menstrual cramps.