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Exposing Low Carb Diet Myths

  There’s tons of bad diet advice out there, and while some diet myths are easy to see through—like that artificially created sweeteners are always better than sugar—others aren’t. Myths surrounding low carb diets can be particularly hard to see through. Here are some myths we’d like to dismantle once and for all: 1. Low carb… Read more

Is the Cabbage Soup Diet for You?

There are 1001 different diet options, and we’ve heard them all. Some work well, others definitely don’t. Some are a quick “fix”, others more of a long-term solution. Did you know that there are over 10,000 searches every month in Australia for people looking for cabbage soup diet information? Clearly it’s a hot topic, so… Read more

Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

  Hypnotherapists who focus on helping people with weight loss understand that the mind can play an important role in helping people to lose weight and it is the role of hypnotherapists to help people like you tackle the deep mental issues that are causing them to eat too much, exercise too little and see no results from… Read more

Our Advice on Carbohydrate and Fruit

So what is a healthy level of carbohydrate and fruit? It depends on where you start and possibly also how your metabolism is functioning. But the bottom line is this… fruit and carbohydrate-rich foods contain vast amounts of energy. When energy is eaten and not burned off, it is what….? STORED is the answer. Stored… Read more